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Computer and Electronics Recycling Services

Computer and Electronics Disposal

All recycling at eRevival Electronics and Computer Recycling is in compliance with all Federal, State, County and Local Electronics and Computer Recycling laws. eRevival LLC is registered as a Large Quantity Universal Waste Handler that meets all the requirements stated by NJ Department of Environmental Protection.

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 electronic or computer equipments, eRevival Electronis and Computer Recycling will send our experienced team of removal specialists with all the tools needed to palletize, remove and transport your computer and electronics equipment.

We accept any type of electronics and computer equipments and some are mentioned below:

Arrow  Monitors Arrow  TVs Arrow  Printers 
Arrow  CPUs   Arrow  Modems   Arrow  Keyboards
Arrow  Cell Phones  Arrow  Mainframe Arrow  Copiers 
Arrow  Fax Machines   Arrow  Typewriters Arrow  Telephone PBX
Arrow  CRTs   Arrow  Laptops Arrow  Cables
Arrow  Terminals Arrow  Lab Equipment  Arrow  VCR's
Arrow  Stereo and Radio Arrow  Test Equipment  Arrow  Medical Equipment
Arrow  Toner Cartridges Arrow  Inkjet Cartridges  Arrow  Printer Fusers

We provide electronics and computer pickup services to help accommodate all of your organization's branches. Below is the list of areas we cover:

computer and electronics recycling in NJ  New Jersey
electronics and computer disposal in ny  New York
computer and electronics recycling MA  Massachusetts
electronics and computer disposal PA  Pennsylvania
computer and electronics recycling CT  Connecticut
computer and electronics recycling VA  Virginia
electronics and computer disposal DC  Washington DC
computer and electronics recycling atlanta, GA  Georgia
computer and electronics recycling Maryland  Maryland

When material to be recycled is back at one of our electronics and computer recycling facilities, it will be inventoried, and all company identification and/or sensitive information will be removed and destroyed. A Certificate of Recycle/Reuse will be issued for each shipment of Electronics and Computer Recycling .

Certified Data Destruction:

Privacy protection laws require secure data management and data destruction of all customer and employee information. From retail sales to health care, the personal information collected in the course of doing business requires your organization's compliance with a variety of information security and privacy laws.

As identity theft protection becomes more important to our customers eRevival Electronics and Computer Recycling is happy to provide data destruction by using the US Department of Defense (DOD) standards. eRevival Electronics and Computer Recycling guarantees information security for both your business information and any employee or customer data stored on your computer drives.

As material is received by eRevival Electronics and Computer Recycling, all company labels, stickers and other forms of identification are removed, including any asset labels. Data deletion is performed on all data storage media including tape media, floppies, CD's, hard drives, etc. eRevival Electronics and Computer Recycling issues Certificates of Data Deletion upon request for any electronics and computer we recycle.

Computer Recycling

Hard Drive Destruction / Shredding Services:

By default eRevival Electronics and Computer Recycling performs data destruction (deletion) and tag removal on all recycling shipments. Should you need more security eRevival LLC is happy to provide hard drive destruction services at a very low cost. Shredding a hard drive is the only 100 % absolute method of destroying data records on a hard drive.

Don't donate your business information or worse your business reputation. Data Management and Computer Recycling by eRevival can cover all your bases.

Electronics & Computer Recycling Process:

Arrow Order is received or picked up.
Arrow Shipment is inventoried with serial #, manufacturing # and other specifications. This information is used for reporting
Arrow Company labels and asset tags are removed; data destruction is performed on all hard drives and other media.
Arrow Segregation of working and non-working electronic equipments is performed.
Arrow Non-working equipments is send to down line vendors for recycling. Working equipments is remarketed / donated for charity.
Arrow Certificate of recycling and data destruction is issued at the customer's request.

electronics recycling in NJ and NY