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Here you will find links to the latest news from the Electronics and Computer Recycling Industry, Recycling Rules and Regulations, and links to our Partners websites


Electronic Recycling [Source:By Rick DeBruhl, Dated: Apr. 20,2007]
The disposal of electronic equipment is a growing toxic threat. Millions of computers, TVs, and cell phones have ended up in landfills. Toxic chemicals that are used in electronics can leach into the soil, contaminate the ground water, and become airborne if incinerated. All of those pose serious health hazards. Read More

TV, Computer Recycling on the rise [Source: CBC News, Dated: Jan2407]
Shoppers are recycling record amounts of electronics in Alberta as they realize picking up a new flat screen TV or a faster computer comes with an extra "green" fee Read More

Rules and Regulations:

Solid and Hazardous Waste [Source: NJ Department of Environmental Protection]
On June 17, 2002 the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (the Department) adopted an amendment to the Universal Waste Rule (UWR) including consumer electronics as a universal waste. Consumer electronics are defined in the rule as: “any appliance used in the home or business that includes circuitry. Consumer electronics includes the components and sub-assemblies that collectively make up the electronic products and may, when individually broken down, include batteries, mercury switches, capacitors containing PCBs, cadmium plated parts and lead or cadmium containing plastics. Examples of consumer electronics include, but are not limited to, computers, printers, copiers, telefacsimiles, VCRs, stereos, televisions, and telecommunication devices.” The adopted amendments to the Universal Waste Rule were effective on December 17, 2002. Read More

All recycling at eRevival Electronics and Computer Recycling is in compliance with all Federal, State, County and Local Electronics and Computer Recycling laws. eRevival LLC is registered as a Large Quantity Universal Waste Handler that meets all the requirements stated by NJ Department of Environmental Protection.

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Description: Titanium Metal Supply is a titanium supplier and stocking distributor as well as a full service source of titanium mill products.

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