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Why Recycle?
Every citizen of this earth had a duty, and that is to preserve the nature and environment for generation to come. Computer, CRT, and other electronics have lead, mercury, and other toxic material, now if one discards this in the city garbage pickup this ends up in landfill, which in turn pollutes the environment. So please help us keep the environment clean. Also, it is against the NJ Electronics and Computer Recycling law for a business to dump computers and electronic equipments in garbage, your company will be liable for that.

Why are e-waste harmful to our environment?
Electronic and Computer products often contain hazardous and toxic materials that pose environmental risks if they are landfill or incinerated. Televisions, video and computer monitor use cathode ray tubes (CRTs), which have major amounts of lead. Printed circuit boards contain primarily plastic and copper, and most have small amounts of chromium, lead solder, nickel, and zinc. In addition, many electronic products have batteries that often contain nickel, cadmium, and other heavy metals. Relays and switches in electronics, especially older ones, may contain mercury. Also, capacitors in some types of older and larger equipment that is now entering the waste stream may contain polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).

Why should one recycle computer and electronic equipments?

Because of the presence of these hazardous or toxic substances, state and federal hazardous waste regulations may apply to handling disposal of certain types of computer and electronic equipments. These regulations make businesses potentially liable for improper disposal of computer and electronic equipments.

Reusing and recycling of computer and electronic equipments is a beneficial alternative to disposal. Reuse and recycling reduces the amount of toxic and hazardous substances that may enter the environment through disposal of computer and electronic equipments. By extending the useful life of products, reuse conserves the energy and raw materials needed to manufacture new products, and doing so reduces the pollution associated with energy use and manufacturing. Recycling computer and electronic equipments also conserves energy and raw materials and reduces pollution in manufacturing by allowing product constituents, such as metals and plastics, to be reclaimed and used in other products.

If computer and electronic equipments are too old to be reused or is broken beyond repair, you may send it to one of the many companies that specialize in disassembling computer and electronics, salvaging parts, and selling reclaimed materials. Many types of electronic equipment, such as computers, monitors, printers, and scanners, contain materials suitable for reclamation and use in new products. These materials include plastic, glass, steel, aluminum, copper, gold, silver, and other metals. Since electronics and computer recycling operations typically require a mix of automated processing and manual labor, both of which have costs, there may be a charge associated with recycling your computer and electronic equipment.

How can we help?
Recycling your computer and electronic equipments through us, you are saving the community from toxins. Also, we donate some of the computer and electronic equipments to under funded organization.

Do you export any of the electronic and computer items?
No, we try our best to keep the environmental issue within our nation. Our philosophy is that by exporting we are not solving the problem but we are exporting the issue at a greater degree.

Why do we charge a computer and electronic recycling fee?
Because, we have to segregate all shipments, which takes time, and money, we also perform data destruction on all shipments, and that takes experts. On top of that computer and electronic equipments that cannot be reused, we send it to our down line vendors, which charge us a recycling fee. Therefore we charge a small computer and electronic recycling fee. Think about it this way when you get an oil change in your car, you pay a disposal fee, same way you should pay a recycling fee when you recycle your computer and electronic equipments.

Do you perform data destruction on computer and electronic equipments before reusing or resale?
Yes, every computer and electronic recycling shipment is carefully examined and a low level utility is ran on all hard drive’s. If requested we provide a certificate of data destruction.

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